Smt.Soniya Chauhan

  (Managing Director)


Dear Student,

       It is honour and pleasure for me to begin my work as a managing  director of JHTI.

                I believe that our team's vast experience knowledge and hard work will definitely build student career in right direction . JHTI team  hope the time you spend studying with us will be enjoyable and rewarding. we are sure that skills receive after the completion of the courses here will further your education and improve your career .

In the end i can assure your that the management .staff and faculty will always be by your side to extent a helping hand which you will always be seeking .

        Enjoy a happy learning in JHTI. it's your institute . we wish  you all great success in your life and have a bright career . 


                                                Smt. Soniya chauhan



Gajender chauhan



Dear friends,

        With the passing of time,education has also changed.Today every body wants to give his/her child a good education.JHTi is a place where students are importaed quality education with latest techniques so as build up a good &  respectable citizen .so come and join JHTI ,we wish u a happy life.

     Thank you          


              Gajender  chauhan